The sturdiest pillars of 'The Saffron World' are design, quality and integrity

The pillars of The Saffron World are experienced entrepreneurs possessing a rare blend of knowledge, education, ethics and expertise. Just as they have striven to make this group a name to reckon with in the real estate industry, they strive very hard to create best owner-experience by bringing each of the edifices to life. The Saffron World has been fortunate in having such highly respected promoters on board.

Our pillars have a collective experience of over a 100 man years. Together they have developed 15 million square feet of real estate space. They have dexterity for design and details apart from out-of-the box thinking. They also possess an uncanny knack for both finance and marketing. They galvanize, mobilize and lead a posse of professionals to execute the projects to perfection.

Our strong pillars thrive on challenges and work passionately to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. The core management team at The Saffron World has ensured that quality, design and integrity are woven in the DNA of the group. Thanks to their leadership, we pride ourselves in being able to manage projects in full gamut of the real estate space. We employ cutting edge technology and continuously enhanced field procedures in each of our projects. The vision of our pillars enables us to create landmark structures that stand out in the concrete skylines of Mumbai.