FDI up to 100 per cent

The Government of India has allowed FDI up to 100 per cent under the automatic route in townships, housing, built-up infrastructure and construction development projects to increase investment, generate economic activity, create new employment opportunities and add to the available housing stock and built-up infrastructure.

The Union Budget

The Union Budget 2015-16 gives major thrust on accelerating the pace of investment in infrastructure, as this is critical for sustaining and accelerating an overall growth. Efforts to attract private investment into infrastructure through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) route have met with considerable success at both Central Government and State Government levels.

RBI initiatives

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted permission to foreign citizens of Indian origin to purchase property in India for residential or commercial purposes.

FDI in Real Estate

The Government is also committed to introducing FDI in the Real Estate sector, introducing changes in the existing SEZ policy to resurrect developer interest and expand the role of the private sector in infrastructure development.