What documents should you check before buying a property ?

A list of documents is already provided in the Documents Desideratum section of the website but broadly on purchasing a property, you must check for the approved layout plan, approved building plan, ownership documents etc. A legal expert should be consulted for the same.

What is the due diligence to be carried out before buying an under-construction property ?

The following points need to be borne in mind while buying an upcoming or under construction property -

a) Check for all the relevant documents that have been obtained from various authorities by the seller of the

b) Check for the approved plan and if all floors are legal.

c) Check if the land on which the builder is building is his or whether he has the authority under an agreement
    with a landlord. If so, check the title of the land ownership with the help of a legal expert.

d) Check for the reputation of the builder.

e) Check whether he is providing all the amenities as mentioned in the brochure.

How do we check for the authenticity of the documents provided by the builder ?

You must seek expert legal advice before buying any property or entering into a contract regarding the same.

What is the difference between the Carpet area, Built-up area and Super built-up area?

a) Carpet area is the area of the apartment / building, which does not include the area of the walls.

b) Built-up area includes the area of the walls also.

c) Super built-up area includes built-up area along with the area of common amenities like lift, stairs,
    lobby, refuge area etc.

What additional costs need to be budgeted in while buying a house ?

Apart from the base price of the property certain other costs need to be factored in before the final payment for the same is made. This may include floor rise, registration costs, service tax and vat, deposit for maintenance or external development charges (EDC), preferential location charges (PLC), infrastructure development charges (IDC), utility charges etc.